Supply Chain Awards 2022: These are the eight finalists

Kick-off for the application phase

Just in time for the start of the application phase, the online seminar “Application Phase Kick-Off” provided information on the individual steps of the application process. The special features of the Supply Chain Awards were highlighted. In addition, the actors explained the concrete benefits of participation and presented the various evaluation criteria.

There was also a brief review of the final day of the Supply Chain Awards 2022 in Frankfurt.

Event language: English



Founded in 2018, road transport start-up Trucksters cuts transit times by up to 50% and offers cost savings of 20% by using a relay system between truck drivers based on big data and artificial intelligence. As specialists in long-distance haulage, Trucksters also minimises the risk of cargo theft as goods never stand still, and allows drivers to sleep more nights at home as they travel shorter
distances. This is made possible by relays and using corridors that function in a similar way to airlines and span the whole of Europe. Currently, Trucksters' route network comprises four corridors, but the company's goal is to expand its route network in Europe to eight corridors by the end of 2023.