Founded in 2016, Finboot relies on its innovative blockchain technology that enables its customers in traditional sectors (energy, chemicals, mining and construction) to track and trace their  increasingly complex and interconnected supply chains. The SaaS platform "MARCO" significantly improves value chain management and drives digitalization, sustainability and ESG agendas. MARCO securely connects blockchain technologies under one roof, transforming data into trusted digital assets and accelerating the path to interoperability.

The technology helps companies understand where and how their operations and products contribute to climate degradation, so they can respond appropriately to consumer and regulatory pressure.
Finboot’s solutions provide supply chain traceability, transparency and compliance, operational efficiencies and cost savings through process automation and streamlining, while promoting sustainability and ESG. Global companies such as Repsol, Sabic and Desigual rely on Finboot. The company employs around 25 people and is headquartered in Cardiff.

Gewinner: Finboot