Review 2021

Winner SCMA 2021

Winner SCMA 2022: Knorr-Bremse

Knorr-Bremse sets the strategic direction of driving improvement programs, projects and activities for the rail vehicle system division based on a framework including eleven clearly defined cornerstones. As one part of this framework, RVS had to…

Winner SSA 2021

Winner SSA 2022: Trucksters

Founded in 2018, road transport start-up Trucksters cuts transit times by up to 50% and offers cost savings of 20% by using a relay system between truck drivers based on big data and artificial intelligence. As specialists in long-distance haulage,…

The Finalists

The Finalists

Recording Kick-Off Seminar

This 15-minute online seminar provides information on the individual steps of the application process. The special features of the Supply Chain Awards, i.e. the Supply Chain Management Award and the Smart Solution Award, are highlighted. In addition, the actors explain the concrete benefits of participating and present the various evaluation criteria. Watch now!